Frequently Asked Questions

Student Payments from India

  • What payment options are available from India?

    The payment methods we can offer depend on the institution you are making a payment to. Generally, when paying from India, we can offer the following payment methods:

    • Domestic Bank Transfer in Indian Rupees (INR)
    • Debit and Credit Cards

    If you do not see the payment method you wish to use, it means we do not offer it at this time for payments from your country to your institution.

  • How can I pay by Domestic Bank Transfer in Indian Rupees (INR)?

    This payment method is suitable for payers who will be:

    - Making payments from your own or a family member’s bank account.

    - Taking an educational loan.

    - Required to show their bank the payment instructions and authorization letter.

    - Making the payment for a student who is an Indian citizen.

    Please do not use this payment method if the student is not an Indian resident.

    Payer Information:

    Please enter the correct payer’s details when booking your payment. The payer should be the bank account holder or an applicant on the educational loan. If there is more than one name on the bank account or loan, please enter the primary name or request your bank to send the funds under the name you provide on our website.

    Important: If the names do not match with the bank account, the payment will be delayed for further verification.

    Making the Bank Transfer:

    Please make sure to follow the payment instructions specifically created for your payment ID only. Each payment ID may have different instructions and bank account details. WooshPay works with a few local partners, so you may be provided with a different bank account from your previous payment IDs.

    Transfer your funds from either an individual/personal account or an educational loan account. Due to TCS regulations, the payer must be either the student or an immediate family member such as parents, siblings, spouse, or parents-in-law. Grandparents, friends, cousins, or uncles and aunts are not accepted. We also do not accept payments from the following account types:

    - NRE/NRO account (non-resident account)

    - Company account

    - Partnership firms

    - HUF

    - Trust funds

    You may transfer your funds using National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), either through net banking or by going to the bank branch. Please do not use IMPS to send funds to WooshPay. For payments from bank loans, you can provide the payment instructions to your bank so they can make the transfer on your behalf.

    After you have made the bank transfer, please note that our local partners require 2-3 business days to verify your payment for TCS. During this time, your payment status in WooshPay will remain as Pending. Our local partner will reach out to the payer directly if more information is required. Once the TCS verification is completed, WooshPay will send a confirmation email that we have received your funds and update your payment status to Paid. WooshPay will then process the funds and deliver them to your institution.

  • How can I pay by Debit/Credit in Indian Rupees (INR)?

    Please note, if you select to pay via "Debit/Credit(INR)" when making a payment, please make sure you select the correct card brand: Visa or Mastercard

    Step 1: After selecting the payment option, fill out the required information to create the payment request.

    Step 2: You can then make your payment by entering your card details on the final page. If your payment is successful, it will be reflected immediately.

    Please note:

    • You must pay with a card denominated in INR.
    • We accept both debit and credit cards.
    • For a smooth payment experience, please avoid refreshing or leaving the payment page.
  • Can I use WooshPay to pay if I am borrowing a loan?

    Yes, you can use WooshPay to pay an educational institution with borrowed funds. If you have taken out a loan to pay your fees, you can use the "Domestic Bank Transfer in Indian Rupees (INR)" option.

    Please enter the loan borrower’s details under the "Payer Information" section, including the PAN number of the loan borrower. You can also use the co-borrower’s details.

    After creating your payment request, you will be able to download your payment instructions, which include an authorization letter and our bank details. Present this document to your bank to clarify that WooshPay is acting as the official authorized international payment processor, and the final recipient of your payment is your institution.

    To ensure your payment is processed smoothly without delay, please ask your bank to send the funds under the name of the PAN card holder you entered on the payment ID. If the details do not match, our team will need to reach out to you for more information and documents, which can delay your payment delivery.

  • My bank account has a transfer limit. How can I transfer the full amount?

    Kindly note that due to TCS regulations, please do not make split payments or multiple bank transfers to one payment ID.

    There are two ways to transfer the full amount:

    Option 1: Contact your bank directly to request an increase in your transfer limit. They can usually do this for you at the counter or if you explain that you are making a remittance for international school tuition payment.

    Option 2: Create multiple payment requests for smaller amounts through WooshPay to send the total amount via several transactions. Please note that due to TCS calculations, WooshPay can only process one active payment ID per PAN number at any one time. Thus, we will need to complete the first payment ID before you can create a second payment ID for the remaining funds. Be mindful of your payment deadline with your institution, as this may delay your payment.

    You can create multiple payment IDs at the same time if:

    • Another immediate family member can make the payment for you, then you can enter their PAN number under Payer Information.
    • You use another payment method besides bank transfer in INR, such as card payment.
  • What is GST and how will it be applied to my payment?

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST), introduced in India on 1 July 2017, consolidates various national and state-level taxes on goods and services. Its goal is to simplify tax calculations and collection, bringing greater efficiency and transparency to India's taxation system.

    The way GST is calculated and collected differs by payment method:

    • Card payments: WooshPay does not collect GST for card payments.
    • Bank Transfer in INR: GST will be calculated directly on WooshPay's platform and collected by our local payment partner. The amount will be displayed both at the Review & Confirm step of creating a payment request and on the tracking page once a payment has been confirmed.

    Regardless of the payment method, GST will be calculated based on the margin of money conversion in accordance with the relevant provisions of the GST law.

    Please note, GST will not be refunded if you receive a refund for your payment. This is because the tax is applied to the service rendered and is deducted from the original payment amount to be submitted directly to the relevant tax authorities at the time of payment.

  • What is the A2 cum LRS Declaration?

    Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) now require an LRS Declaration form (fully titled “A2 cum LRS Declaration”) to transfer funds abroad.

    If you select to pay via “Domestic Bank Transfer in INR,” you may be required to fill out and submit this form. The A2 form has been updated to fulfill your LRS Declaration requirement. If you need to complete the LRS form, we will provide it on our website, and you will need to complete it before the payment instructions can be generated for you. Once you complete your LRS form online and sign to submit it, it will be sent to our local partner in India for TCS verification.

    If there are any mistakes in the LRS form or if our local partner requires more information, they will reach out to the payer directly to request edits or additional documents. Payers can reply to their emails with the required information, or resubmit the LRS form on the tracking link page. 

  • Why is my payment status at WooshPay still pending even though my funds have already been debited from my account?

    When transferring via RTGS or NEFT, the funds sent from your account are usually received by the bank on the same day. However, the bank needs time to reconcile all payments made before notifying WooshPay. Additionally, our local partner requires time to verify your funds for TCS before they can release the funds to WooshPay. If more information is needed, our partner will contact the payer directly via email or call.

    Therefore, it generally takes 2-3 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays) for us to receive the funds from the date your bank releases them. WooshPay will send you a confirmation email as soon as your funds are credited to our account from our local partner.

Shopify FAQ

  • There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method.

    Only installing the WooshPay app for your store cannot enable payment straight away. Next,

    You need to register a WooshPay Account, submit relevant materials, and sign the contract.

    After the whole process, we will notify you that the store’s payment has been activated.

    Regiter here:

  • How will i get my money?

    The merchant will be required to fill in the bank account information for receiving the settlement payment when registering a WooshPay Account

    1.Auto settlement:

    WooshPay will transfer the merchant’s available balance to the merchant’s bank account through wire transfer on each settlement day according to the settlement cycle signed in the agreement.

    2.Manual settlement:

    If the merchant chooses to withdraw manually, they can initiate a withdrawal operation in the WooshPay Dashboard. 

    Withdrawals initiated before 4:00 AM London time will be processed and paid out on the same day, and withdrawals initiated after 4:00 AM will be processed and paid out on the next working day.

  • How much is your fee per transaction?

    Refer to the official website pricing

    Prices quoted by merchants in different countries will be different. Please select the corresponding country to check the price.

  • Where will the payment of my customer goes to?

    You can check your customers’ payments in the WooshPay Dashbaord .

  • I connected it to shopify but for some reasons it doesn’t work.

    Only installing the WooshPay app for your store cannot enable payment straight away. Next,

    You need to register a WooshPay Account , submit relevant materials, and sign the contract.

    After the whole process, we will notify you that the store’s payment has been activated.

  • Hi, I am awaiting my activation. When will you give me the results?

    We will return the review results within three working days, please be patient.

    You can also send an email to to inquire about the review progress.

  • Do you support a non business entity?

    Yes, go to the the WooshPay Site and set up your WooshPay Account.

  • How do i manage my wooshpay payment?

    You can check your customers’ payments in the WooshPay Dashbaord.


  • I am trying to set up my accounts in your webiste and i am not receiving the “confirm your email” email, so i am not able to complete the registration.

    1. Check your spam or junk mail folder: Sometimes, email providers may mistakenly filter the verification email and classify it as spam.

    Please check these folders to see if the email has been directed there.  

    2.Request a resend of the verification email: If you have checked your spam folder and whitelisted our email address but still haven’t received the verification email, please visit the account settings section on our platform or website and request a resend of the email.

    3. Contact our support team: If none of the above solutions work, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to

    our support team directly. They will be happy to assist you further in resolving the issue. Support team email: