WooshPay Raised Tens of Millions of Dollars Equity Financing to Start Globalization and Technology Product Innovation

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April 08, 2022

WooshPay announced that it has entered into definitive agreements with investors for its Angel round equity financing totaling tens of millions of dollars. This financing round includes a USD tranche raised by Steelhenge Inc, a parent company of the WooshPay, from Investors.

Funds raised will be used to accelerate WooshPay globalization plans in developing technology to further enhance the Company’s ability to deliver inclusive transaction services to small enterprises globally.

Participants in the USD tranche are leading global institutional investors including Sequoia China Seed Fund, K2VC. SwooshTransfer’s strong business profile, technology-driven revenue model and rapid global expansion led to strong investor demand for the Angel round equity financing.

Zhifei Pang, Product head of WooshPay, said, “We are pleased to welcome the investors as partners, who share our vision and mission, to embark on our journey to further promote inclusive transaction services globally. We are proud of, and inspired by, the customers we have served. Now, with the help of our partners, we are going to accelerate to serve the global customers.”

Since the launch of WooshPay product in 2020, WooshPay has built an integrated technology product using artificial intelligence, blockchain, privacy computing, real-time computing and security to bring more secure, transparent, cost-effective and inclusive transaction services to individuals and small enterprises globally.

WooshPay is leveraging its technological and Industry know-how to better innovate and serve individuals and businesses in UK, US, Europe, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India.

About WooshPay

WooshPay is dedicated to using technology to make the world transactions easy. Our technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, privacy computing, real-time computing and security, empower us bringing more secure, transparent, cost-effective, real-time and inclusive transactional services to individuals and small enterprises globally.