Activity Rules

Terms for Free Registration and Annual Fee for New Customers

1. Event Duration: From November 13, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

2. Event Region: The event will not include countries and regions identified by WooshPay as high-risk. The specific list of high-risk countries will be provided during the onboarding and signing process to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant information.

3. Event Details:

  1. Waived Registration Fee: New customers registering an account will not be charged any registration fees.
  2. Full Waiver of Annual Fee: The annual fee for new customers will be completely waived.

4. Specific Regulations:

  1. Definitions:
          1.1. New Customer: Refers to customers who have not yet opened an account with WooshPay or have opened an account but have not  completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. (Note: KYC refers to the process of completing compliant identity verification and risk assessment to ensure customers' real identity information and risk level.) 
Exclusions from the definition of "New Customer" include, but are not limited to:
  • Customers who, after participating in the activity by registering their account for the first time, claim or use the benefits using others’ information and accounts, will not be considered as new customers.
  • Customers who, after participating in the activity by registering their account for the first time, claim the benefits again through other means, will not be considered as new customers.
  • Customers who have completed the KYC process for their account will not be considered as new customers.
  • Customers whose company information, such as company registration number, company name, ultimate beneficial owners, and other executives’ information, matches that of other companies already registered with WooshPay, will not be considered as new customers.

2.Registration Fee & Annual Fee:

  • Registration Fee: Refers to the fee required to be paid during company-defined account registration.
  • Annual Fee: Refers to the one-time annual fee paid upon accessing the service, specific details will be provided during customer onboarding and signing.

3.Eligibility Acquisition and Usage Rules:

3.1. Eligibility Criteria and Path:

All customers who complete KYC during the event period will automatically qualify for the event and this qualification will take effect upon signing.

3.2.Eligibility Claim Rules:

Customers registering their account during the event period must complete the KYC process within 30 days from the registration date (inclusive). Failure to complete KYC within this period will result in automatic forfeiture of event eligibility.

3.3.Account Restrictions:

To ensure the safety, compliance, and fairness of the event, we will conduct strict audits and evaluations on newly registered accounts participating in the event. We may impose restrictions on newly registered accounts under circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Any involvement in illegal, illicit, obscene, violent, or improper activities or business.
  • Being part of individuals or entities with credit abnormalities, indicating serious credit issues or poor credit records.
  • Involvement in commercial violations, illegal activities, or fraudulent actions.
  • Providing false or untrue personal or company information.
  • Violating WooshPay’s terms of use and service agreement.
  • Other illegal or improper behaviors. We reserve the right to comprehensively assess accounts’ actual situations and retain the authority to adjust rules and decisions.

4.Declaration of Invalidity:

After obtaining event eligibility, if any malicious behavior is discovered during subsequent use, such as maliciously placing orders, exploiting vulnerabilities, or other illegal means to obtain benefits, the customer will immediately lose event eligibility, and appropriate measures may be taken. WooshPay reserves the right to terminate or modify the event, without prior notice to participants, if the event is abused or affected by violations, and assumes no responsibility. WooshPay has the right to review and decide on participant-submitted information, including but not limited to eligibility verification, event result confirmation, and its decisions will be deemed final. For violations, WooshPay may take appropriate punitive measures, including but not limited to canceling benefit eligibility, prohibiting participation in future events, and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

5. Additional Information:

  1. Contact Information: If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us via email at
  2. Final Interpretation: The ultimate interpretation of the event belongs to the WooshPay brand and its affiliated companies.