How to Set Up a Cross-Border Mini-Program in Three Steps?

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Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about cross-border mini-programs because they’re way easier to handle compared to the complicated process of international ones. Forget about the long and tedious verification process; if you have a foreign business license, you’re good to go. Sure, it costs 99 bucks for certification, but it’s definitely a quicker way to launch your global ventures.

a quicker way to launch your global ventures.

Effortless Launch with Cross-Border Mini-Programs

Take the Canadian cross-border mini-program as an example. It welcomes new users with coupons and showcases a wide range of products perfect for those who love shopping from overseas. The mini-program simplifies the ordering process by offering price conversions into yuan and provides reference exchange rates. When ordering from abroad, you’ll need to upload an ID card – it’s necessary for smoother customs clearance. As for payment, they’ve integrated cross-border payment methods right on the page and even support membership card payments for top-ups or buying subscription plans.

 Canadian cross-border mini-program

Seamless Shopping and Payment Experience

Now, if you want your cross-border mini-program to be successful, you need a reliable cross-border payment service provider. Choosing one is crucial – just look at what happened recently with an Aussie provider causing major headaches due to asset loss for many businesses. This is where WooshPay comes in as your trustworthy payment partner.

WooshPay has been tried and tested by various international merchants for secure payments in Southeast Asia, Japan, Hong Kong Macau Thailand, and European countries like Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain -you name it.With just three simple steps, you can start managing international payments and have access to a dashboard that shows everything in one place-what you see is what you get. Head over wooshpay. com now!

 start managing international payments and have access to a dashboard that shows everything in one place-what you see is what you get

Building Success with Reliable Payment Partners

To sum it up, there are three key things you gotta nail to make a cross-border mini-program work. First off, you need to get your hands on a foreign business license. Next up, lock down a reliable cross-border payment service provider – WooshPay is the way to go here. And lastly, find a service provider that can fully develop the features needed for a cross-border mini-program like real-name verification and currency conversion. Even though there’s no need to officially register these mini-programs, setting them up can be pretty complex. So I’d recommend teaming up with experienced partners who can help smoothly navigate your international business journey. Head over to and drop us your details.

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