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Eduhk tuition fee payment method

The Education University of Hong Kong (EDUHK) provides students with multiple choices for paying their 授業料. According to the information available on the EDUHK website, students can utilize the following methods to settle their fees:

1. Credit Card: EDUHK accepts payments for tuition fees through Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay credit cards.

2. ATM or Internet Banking: Students have the option to make payments through ATM or internet banking using FPS, PPS, or e-Cheque.

3. Cheque: Tuition fees can be paid using personal or company cheques. The cheque should be made payable to “The Education University of Hong Kong” and crossed as “A/C Payee Only.”

4. Cash: Students can also settle their fees in cash at the University’s Cashier’s Offices.

5. PPS: Payments can be made through PPS using the PPS code “9305.”

6. FPS: For payments through FPS, students can use the FPS ID “5552 6389.”

It’s essential to recognize that the available payment methods might vary based on individual circumstances. For detailed information regarding the payment methods accessible to you, it’s recommended to directly contact EDUHK.