Service de passerelle unifiée

Payment Gateway

Service de passerelle unifiée

Le service de passerelle unifiée offre aux commerçants une intégration efficace des paiements et des services de réconciliation unifiés, facilitant une connexion transparente aux couloirs de paiement mondiaux.

Enhance Transaction Security

Ensure customer payment security through secure encryption technologies and strict compliance measures.

Expand Payment Channels

Add new payment methods and payment service providers without any code.

Increase Conversion Rate

Support intelligent routing to optimize payment processes, increase transaction conversion rates, and boost your revenue.

Unified Financial Reporting

Perform multi-channel unified reconciliation in one backend.

Streamlining Payments with Unified Technical Integration

WooshPay efficiently connects merchants with acquiring banks, payment service providers, and other payment gateways, supporting major payment providers, including card payments, e-wallets, and bank transfers. It offers a streamlined and technologically unified solution for seamless payment integration.

Flexible configuration, no coding required

Integrate with multiple payment service providers without any additional effort. Support no-code addition of new payment methods and payment service providers.

Service de rapprochement tout-en-un

The Unified Gateway Service simplifies the integration with various payment corridors and financial reporting. You can perform multi-channel unified reconciliation in one backend. This allows you to focus more on core business activities and improve operational efficiency.

Intelligent routing, increasing conversion

With machine learning-based intelligent routing, WooshPay directs each payment to the channel most likely to authorize it successfully, maximizing your revenue.


Transparent pricing, 
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